3D Kitchen Planner FAQ

 Need help with your design? Some of the most frequently asked questions are here.

How do I create an account?

Click on the my account icon on the right hand side of the design it page

Click on sign up and enter your details

You will receive a confirmation of registration email

How do I save a project?

Click on the save icon on the right hand side of the design it page

You will need to be registered as a user and logged in to save your project

How do I view my plan with dimensions showing?

At any point you can click on the geometry button on the right hand menu to change the view to a technical plan which shows the dimensions of the room and the cabinetry.

I have a small space in my run of cabinets that won't fit anything, what can I fill it with?

To fill any small gaps we use scribe panels. To add a scribe panel to a cabinet:

Click on the required cabinet

Scroll down the cabinet menu on the left until you get to Scribe Panels

Tick either the left/right or both of the scribe tick boxes enable the scribe

What can I use with a breakfast bar as it’s shallow?

If you are adding a breakfast bar you can only use shallow base cabinets with it. Select base cabinets within the the catalogue and then shallow cabinets, you can add open shelves or cupboards to sit alongside a breakfast bar.

I can't find how to add a hob?

To add a hob, click on the cabinet that you want to use and within the left hand menu click on the hob slider button to select a hob.

How do I move the hob position along the worktop?

Once you have added a hob, you can offset the position of the hob by clicking on the cabinet that you have set it in and scrolling down to the hob section. You can then enter the measurement that you would like it offset by e.g. 30cm.

I’ve added a tall larder but it looks unfinished on the end?

If your cabinet is at the end of a run you will need to add an end panel. You can do this by clicking on your cabinet and then selecting the end panel option on the left hand menu bar.

How do I add a cornice to my cupboards?

To add a cornice to the top of your cabinets, click on the specific cabinet and scroll down the left hand menu to the cornice option. You can then select to add a cornice to the front, left and right of the cabinet.

How do I change the direction that the fridge door opens?

To change the orientation (the door opening left or right), click on the specific cabinet and select the hinge orientation the be left or right as desired.

How do I change the worktop to a different material?

Whilst in your design go to the left hand menu and select the materials (paint roller icon) section

Select manual selection and scroll down to worktop decor and select your desired material

I'm using an ipad and can't see the design tool properly?

Unfortunately our design tool can't be used on mobile devices, you will need to use a desk top computer. We are working on a way to resolve this.

How do I start a new design?

To start a new design while you are in the design tool, click on the home button on the left hand menu and scroll to the bottom where you can select a new project.

I don't want brass colour hinges, can I have an alternative?

Brass Butt hinges come as standard on our cabinets, but you can select Satin Nickel as an alternative on our Accessories page. There is an additional cost of £7.00 for the Satin Nickel hinges when purchased with our Kitchens.